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In the beginning...


Johsira Cruz A.K.A Johsie Cruz was born in Maracaibo, Venezuela, on May 12th, 1969

Daughter of Rev. Joel Cruz Martínez and First Lady Lilia Barrios de Cruz. Her father was a missionary for the Southern Baptist Convention. Over 35 years in Venezuela and the United States combined.

Religious Studies

Following her father footsteps, she earned her BA in Sacred  Ministries from Baptist Theology Seminary of Venezuela in 1993 


Came legally to America and worked as Liaison for the Latino Congregation at the Florida Baptist Church in Fort Lauderdale, where she was able to secure her residency and became US Citizen in 2005.

Medical Field Studies 2005

AS Business Administration and AS Medical Administration in City College of Fort Lauderdale.

Johsie Today

 Today Johsie works at The Meridian Group, a Health Care Insurance company that specializes in providing services to a small business as well as acting as VP of RACI - Red Alternativa Capitalista de Información- (The Alternative Network of Capitalistic Information). 

RACI's Mission - founded in 2016- is in to Educate the Latino community  about the US Constitution and Laws utilizing their native language.

Political Views


Member of GA GOP, she believes in small government that allows the private sector to grow and create sources of employment, pushing our economy forward.  She quotes Ronald Reagan's Idea in the belief that: "The best social program is a well-paid job"


POLITICAL EXPERIENCE:  In 2016, she was part of a grass-roots movement known as Latinos for Trump of Georgia. Which brought 39% of the Latino vote for Trump -the highest of the nation- up from an initially projected 9% votes, also participated in the political battle at Cobb County against Jon Ossoff in 2017 as well as was engaged in the Latinos for Kemp movement in 2018.

POINT OF VIEW: Johsie sees herself as a moderate conservative, defender of the Judaeo-Christian values the nation was founded upon, 100% Pro-Life and fervent defender of the US Constitution and  the Bill of Rights to be the prevailing law of the land.

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